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About Me

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my tiny slice of the internet! Since you’re on this page, I suppose I should go ahead and talk a bit about myself…

Before I was accepted into the art program at DigiPen, I spent several years working in graphic design and motion graphics. Building up a unique set of skills which would become surprisingly useful later on as a UI artist/designer.

Once I graduated from DigiPen Institute’s art program in 2003, I was lucky enough to get my first opportunity to work in the gaming industry. It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago, but I’ve now spent more than a decade in the industry.

In that time, I’ve worked on a very wide variety of genres ranging from Historical RTS, Superpowered MMO, and Gritty-Realistic 3rd Person Shooters, to Sci-fi FPS, Fantasy MOBA, and Survival Horror. I’ve worked independently, in large teams, and small groups. Working on such a wide variety of projects and environments has meant that I’m able to adapt quickly and always interested in learning how to help make the best game I can.

Ok, so you might be wondering, “That’s great, but what can you do for me/my team/my company?”

Here’s a quick list of what I can provide you:

  • Highly skilled User Interface and Graphic Designer with more than a decade of experience.
  • Expert knowledge in software and middleware that is widely used for UI development in games, software, and the web.
  • Experienced with creating product identity, branding, logo-work, style guides, and developing brand-strategy; to make your project stand out.
  • Experienced with creating marketing assets, for web, print, packaging, and video; to help promote your project.
  • Experienced with PC, Web, Mobile/Tablet, Handheld, and Console development. Steam, GFW, Xbox360 (Kinect), XboxOne, PS3, PS4, Vita, iOS, Android, and Windows phones.
    • (Including a lot of know-how on those tricky certification requirements for major platforms.)
  • Worked on a wide variety of genres and project types, bringing a wealth of experience to to your project.
  • Able to work well in both a group environment and independently. Providing you with a low-maintenance asset.
  • Team management and mentoring skills.
  • Self motivated, dedicated, hard-working, and adaptable to changes in project goals and timelines.
  • Technically savy, with an eye for detail, and a focus on producing high quality product in a tight deadline.
  • Always interested in learning more about the development process to better facilitate the creation of awesome projects.


Creative Cloud Suite
Unreal Engine 3
Unreal Engine 4
3ds Max
…and more!


Playstation 4
Playstation 3
PS Vita
Xbox One
Xbox Live

In an attempt to keep the list brief, a larger list of additional software I’m experienced with using is available on request.



Below are a few links to videos of my work in motion. The videos are from actual users, and interface design being used in a live environment.