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UI/UX Artist Designer at 17-Bit Studio

2014 – Present

I worked with the Art Director and designers to create menu systems and hud UI/UX for Galak-Z. Responsibilities involved taking description briefs for gameplay systems from the Designers or Art Director, and turning those ideas into visual concepts, motion comps, and mockups while also designing the menu flow and interaction methods to conform with the intended game experience. Afterwards, taking the approved visual comps and creating production ready assets, which are then imported into the game, animated, and given functionality. Creating optimized assets that work efficiently across multiple platforms and are adaptable/responsive to multiple screen sizes was a strong focus, as the project is targeted for many platforms including PC/Steam, PS4, Vita, PSN, Mobile, and Tablets. Production pipeline required use of Photoshop, Unity, and proprietary internal development tools.

Worked on:
  • Galak-Z: The Dimensional


Lead User Interface Artist/Designer at Zombie Studios


I grew the user interface department from a solo position to managing a team of 8 artists and engineers. My responsibilities included developing the aesthetic appearance, layout, usability, design, flow, and functionality for the UI. Taking user interface art and design through every stage of development from creating the initial paper concepts through to implementing final working assets, including the localization process. As well as mentoring new artists and engineers to bring them up to speed. Pipeline required knowledge in using Unreal 3, Unreal 4, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Scaleform, ActionScript, AfterEffects, and proprietary internal development tools. Development was across multiple platforms including Games for Windows, Web, Steam, Xbox, Xbox360 (and Kinect), Mobile, Tablet, PS3, and PS4.

Additional responsibilities included graphic and motion design for promotional materials such as websites, printed fliers/advertisements, posters, video trailers, shirts, convention booth design and backgrounds, comic books, and pitch decks/documents.

Worked on:
  • Rogue Warrior – Bethesda
  • Saw: The Videogame – Konami
  • Shrapnel (Comic and Game) – Zombie
  • Saw II: Flesh & Blood – Konami
  • Blacklight: Tango Down – Ignition / UTV
  • Blacklight: Retribution PC – Perfect World
  • Special Forces: Team X (STX) – Microprose
  • Zcure / Launcher – Zombie
  • Blacklight: Retribution PS4 – Zombie
  • FEAR Online – Aeria / WB Interactive
  • Guardians of Middle Earth PC – Monolith / WB Interactive
  • Daylight – Atlus
  • Phantom Army – SmileGate


3D Artist at Cryptic Studios

2005 – 2006

General environmental, world, and prop asset creation. Taking art provided by concept artist and realizing it into usable 3D assets in-game. Responsibilities included High and Low Poly Modeling, Texturing, Normal Mapping, Shader creation, Use of proprietary tools, Asset Tracking, Art Process and Procedures Documentation, Mission Layout and Design, World Building, Environmental Lighting, Interactive and Destructible Objects creation, Concept Design, Graphic Design, and Online Community Art Representative.

Worked on:
  • City of Heroes – NCSoft
  • City of Villains – NCSoft
  • Regular content updates/expansions on both Titles.


3D Artist at Stainless Steel Studios

2003 – 2004

Creating 3D art assets for RTS games. Taking concept art and reference material and creating game-ready 3D assets such as, buildings, environmental floral/fauna deco, characters, vehicles and siege-warfare machines. Responsibilities included: High and Low Poly Modeling, Texturing, Shader Development, Animation, Storyboarding, Conceptual Design, Normal Mapping, User Interface art, Use of proprietary tools, and visual effects/particle creation.

Worked on:
  • Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War – Midway



Digipen Institute of Technology

Graduated 2003
  • AAA, 3D Computer Animation



“Duncan is a phenomenal talent and arguably the best UI designer I have ever worked with. I was his Art Director at Zombie Studios for Blacklight: Tango Down as well as Art Director at 17-BIT where he designed our menu system and a great deal of User Interface for Galak-Z.
Duncan not only has an amazing grasp of technical art skills, but also a ton of experience and understanding of user interface for games across the board. He understands the job and is able to quickly deliver something solid, well thought out, and very well designed, both from a visual perspective as well as how it serves the gameplay. I very much enjoyed having him on board at both studios and give him my highest recommendation!”

~Jake Kazdal , Founder , Creative/Project Director , Art Director at 17-BIT

“Duncan is a patient and thorough artist who takes both direction and criticism with an unbelievable level of professionalism. Ask him for 3 versions of a HUD/UI idea you have and he’ll give those 3, along with a mock up of what you probably really meant to say. He delivered every art requirement on time or ahead of schedule in the 2 years I worked with. He understands that sometimes it is more important that a job be roughed out and done quickly to meet a deadline than done perfectly. But he also has enough experience to know when to tell you that with an extra day, he can give you 40% more work. Duncan makes a fine addition to any team.”

~John Williamson , President , Zombie Studios

“Duncan’s quiet reserve belies a keen and intuitive mind, a great imagination, and great sense of humor. He is a consummate professional, working with a dogged determination in the face of quickly changing scenarios . I find myself thoroughly impressed by his designs and UI treatments. If I could become half the graphic designer I have witnessed in Duncan, I would feel very satisfied indeed. I look forward to the day we may work together again.”

~Sadekaronhes Esquivel , Concept Artist , Zombie Studios

“Duncan brought a lot to our project as an artist and as a team member. He has a professional demeanor who worked hard, he was a passionate UI designer who could listen to (often) unformed ideas and make them better than we had hoped. He successfully managed different projects during intense production periods, and he constantly brought creative and always useful analysis and ideas to the designs and plans of the games we worked on. I hope to work with Duncan again, and would not hesitate to recommend him.”

~Ian Vogel , Creative Director: Saw the Videogame , Zombie Studios

“Duncan is talented, efficient, and carries himself with a level of professionalism that speaks well of both his experience and character. He was able to juggle tasks across multiple simultaneous short deadline projects with a high degree of effectiveness. In addition he was great mentor to new hires. I would happily work with him again.”

~Adam Houghton , Project Art Director , Zombie Studios

“Duncan is a versatile artist that excells at every task he is given. A true professional. I hope to work with him again.”

~James Croley , Lead Effects Artist , Zombie Inc.


(Further references/recommendations available on request.)